Whether you're just starting out or racing 24 hour events, we have the right road bike for you. The lightest, fastest bikes for on-pavement use.
Credit Trek Bicycle
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Triathlon/Time Trial

Breakaway Bicycles will help get the edge in your next race, with the most aerodynamic bicycles available.

We carry Trek Speed Concept.

Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross events are generally held in the fall, when other biking is off. These bikes have a tighter geometry for quick handling, sprinting and hopping barriers on the race course. Keep in shape, have fun, and get muddy!

Road Bikes

Looking for a traditional, race or endurance road bike? We carry a full line of road bikes from Trek. From the aggressive Emonda to the all-day Domane, we have the right bike for you. We also have professional fitting services, so you will be a perfect match to your bike.

Gravel Bikes

Go out and explore the backcountry roads on a gravel bike! With ergonomic geometry and the capability of running wide tires, your gravel road rides are an enjoyable adventure without the traffic.