Town & Path

From the city streets to the Musketawa Trail, these bicycles are great for recreation, transportation, and fitness!

Pedal Assist E-Bikes

Want to go further and faster? Come try our pedal assist bikes and feel the difference. Conquer the hills you used to walk up and go the extra distance! Pedal assist (also known as E-bikes) are available from Trek, Specialized and Electra in multiple platforms from mountain bikes to comfort bikes.

Dual Sport

From the street to the path to the trail, dual sport bikes are a jack-of-all trades for riding on almost any terrain!

Comfort and Cruiser Bikes

Comfort bicycles get your there in comfort and style! An excellent choice for riding on bike paths/trails in an upright, relaxed fashion.

Hybrid (Urban & Commute)

Hybrid bikes - comfortable yet quick. Perfect for achieving fitness goals, commuting or exploring the urban jungle.